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  • Ticket Office - Secure your place at that all important event. Event organisers/managers/promoters Big People Radio will be offering you the opportunity to sell your tickets and promote your event at an etremly attractive price. Get in touch with the team for more information.
  • Business Directory - We will be making sure your business gets the exposure it deserves and for a limited period we will be offering free listing. After which your listing will cost you under a $1 per year, yes you heard right!
  • Market Place -  You might be thinking, why another market place? With Ebay, Facebook, Amazon, Gumtree etc.  dominating the classified/online shopping arena there might be doubt in your mind as to the need for more competion. The Big Market Place is offering something different and the more shop fronts you display your products/services the more likely you are to win more business.  Stick with us and in the mean time get your best sales copy ready or prepare to enpty the loft.

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