DJ OneSon

DJ OneSon


"Music is a mission not a competition", what a true say.

The reggae beat had me going from before birth, it had to be genetic or I would be able to trace it back to great, great, great grands. Their is at least a desire to play or perform in my family until this day.

Caught Out

From the humble beginnings Westmoreland Jamrock to the UK, I can remember been lifted up and put on a large black record box so everyone could see me perform. Shout out to the people/entities that moulded and supported this powerful addiction over the years, these are the ones with direct influence, my Dearest Late Great Grandmother, Musketeer Sound ( Sheffied, Jamrock) the first sound I ever hold a Mic on @ 7yrs old, ASWAD Sound (Negril, Jamrock), Libra Force (the original, (Nampriel, Jamrock), Mighty Two (Birmingham, UK), Marcus International (Newtown, Birmingham, UK), Mellow Mood (Birmingham UK), AudioTech (Birmingham, UK), Evaluation Sound (Birmingham UK), Smoothe FM (the Original - Big Up fada Ganzie), Deano - Flava FM (the original) and Wiley -

Now the list of indirect influences... too much to mention from Sound Systems to Radio DJs.

The Promoter Side

Nuff thanks and respect to all the Artists, Sounds, DJs, Radio Stations and Venues that I have worked with since 1999. First mention, FCF (which is actually F&C, now Paradise), Ubuntu Wabantu (aka 104 Heatfield Road), Porch Club, H2O, Breeze, Al-Amin Suite, Melting Pot, Coventry West Indian Centre, Paradise Cardiff, Sting Dem FM Djs past and present (including, Mr Niceness RIP), my Ghanian and Gambian family... and I am going to stop now cause this could end up been a whole site.

Reggae Road Block, I share my collection of the late and greats from the 60s to the mid nineties. Sunday Night Global Affair, I play music from all different genre from calypso to Afro-Beat, so spread the love and join in. Remember the hard talk comes as standard with all my shows, not meant to offened but it could cause anxiety.

Saturday GMT 22:00-00:00 Reggae Road Block
Sunday GMT 22:00-00:00 Global Sunday Night Affair